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DeAnna McCasland

“Motherhood” – a Solo Exhibition

May 7th, 2014 – June 7th, 2014


DeAnna McCasland is a natural light, lifestyle photographer in Wardensville, WV.  She is a stay at home mother who spends her days raising her family on her organic farm, and homeschooling her 2 children. She found photography to be a creative outlet, while staying at home with her children. She shoots primarily with Nikon gear and while most of her work is digital, she does occasionally shoot film  for personal projects.  She started her own photography business in 2010, where she focuses on photographing clients in their own homes.  She offers workshops and mentorships to other photographers across the U.S., and she teaches online classes to inspire other mothers to capture their everyday lives. Her work has been published in multiple photography magazines including Click and Mozi.  She travels when time allows, in order to speak at photography conventions, and to teach in-person photography workshops.  While photographing clients is her business, photographing her children has become her muse.  She photographs her children in their most natural states, such as while they are sleeping, playing and eating.  She also strives to document the emotions that come along with the long, glorious days of childhood.

If you’re a fan of Sally Mann’s “Family Pictures” series of photos, then DeAnna’s show will definitely appeal to you.



Sean Kenny

“Journey Into The Wormhole: Captured Stereographic Projection” – a Solo Exhibition

April 2nd, 2014 – May 3rd, 2014

Although he has had numerous of his cutting edge light installation pieces exhibited at many different galleries, over the past several years, along with having recently been commissioned by The Discovery Museum in Winchester, Va. to install a permanent light piece in their new facility – Sean’s solo exhibition at 1 lb. Gallery – marked the first time that prints of his captured light images were on public display! Sean’s work definitely brought something entirely new to 1 lb., and we were extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to share it with you!


Sean Michael Kenny spent 10 years in the corporate business environment before making the commitment to follow his dreams and become a full time artist. Although business world did not contribute to fulfilling his dreams, the companies and his responsibilities had a profound impact on his artistic development.

Working with companies such as Dupont, OrbCom Satelite Communication and Terion Inc, Sean completed intensive training on the properties of metals, color theory, analog versus data packet communications and the use of extraterrestrial environments to monitor, mine and report on GPS enabled targets.

His early work included an emphasis on minimal expression of lines, he termed “linearism.” He was acquired as an artist represented by the Ira Pinto gallery in Washington DC . The gallery ultimately closed and he decided to further his understanding and education of art at the Corcoran School of Art also in Washington DC.

It was at the Corcoran that Sean began to experiment with refracting light to make art. Initially, his focus was in photography and capturing a variety of projections on a flat surface. His direction dramatically changed when one of his mentors suggested that he make the refracted light the actual art by experimenting with installation.

He employed the use of a “light bench,” and began to experiment with various light sources and optical lenses. The result is the body of installation work that he continues to develop today.


The work included in Stereographic Projections appeals to individuals seeking connection with intellectually stimulating as well as spiritually soothing art, Stereographic Projections includes art addressing each interest through an intriguing and compelling approach. Quantum physics, topology and Christianity are strong influences, however the works are not defined by any one interest. The selected works in Stereographic Projections serve as a bridge between all three communities.

Society tends to interpret all existence by minimizing everything to black and white, 1’s and 0’s. Yet, in one beam of light, negative space coexists with an abundance of beauty and infinity. Light is pervasive.


Stereographic Projections – Light Sculpture and Exhibition Project Proposal Description

The Stereographic Projections exhibition is an exploration of the work of artist, Sean Michael Kenny. The exhibition showcases a collection of new and retrospective works using light as the primary medium. Many of the pieces involve the use of LED lights, high quality optical lenses, fine crystals, and motion sensors or motors to demonstrate and explore the behavior of light.

The visual contrast between the structure of the light benches and the ethereal nature of the light projections stimulates in the viewer an internal examination of where the art begins. Does it exist in the mind of the artist at the moment of inception? Or does it result in the manifestation of the artist’s ideas through installation, a demonstration of a passion for and the ability to manipulate light?

The examination of work is dominated by the idea that the most beautiful aspects of light remain unseen. It is only through breaking apart and pulling back together with an assembly of lenses and prisms that the human eye can enjoy the colors, shapes and movement present in every beam of light.



Breathe is a kinetic light installation. The projection begins with what appears to be square panels soaring through space and gradually showing the signs of resistance by curling in at the corners and edges. The zygote dotted panels begin to lose their rigidity and succumb to the curling forming into a sphere. As if still resisting, the newly hammered form explodes back into free floating zygotes and reforms back into planks only to curl back into a ball and explode again.

Ethereal Orbs

Although Ethereal Orbs is a static installation, it embodies the idea and feeling of
movement. Two large orbs coexists side by side in a celestial environment. Bolts of light seemingly shoot between the two to collide with or separate the orbs leaving trails of vapory wisps of light behind. One of the orbs is reminiscent to of an embryonic, cellular form. The other is seemingly whole as if in a more advance state of development. The work leaves you believing you are experiencing a celestial event or an intimate snapshot of development within stages of life.

The Wave

The Wave Video Preview

The Wave has two major elements prominent in its overall structure. The first major component is the light bench. The metal structure of the light bench provides the foundation for the resulting light sculpture. Light is used as an ornamental property for the total sculpture, including the light bench and the projection. And light serves as a component of the total structure as well as the overall result.

The light bench is comprised of 8 crystal ball pendulums, a LED M16 light bulb, a fresnel lens, a convex lens and may utilize a motor. The pendulums oscillate by either motorized or manual force to the structure. The result is a colorful, multi-dimensional projection that viewer may either appreciate by viewing from the light bench or walk between the bench and projection to enjoy the effects of the art displayed on their body.

The spectator will experience a floating and ethereal feeling through the undulating and flowing formations of light on the projected surface. The crystals produce a snake-like formation due to the physical motion of the sine wave and the properties of light and shadows created as they undulate. Smaller circular patterns on the peripheral inject a lighter bubble-like quality and bring the viewer a sense of happiness and light spirit.



Erik Zimmerman

“The Rub of the Green” – Group Exhibition, Juror’s Choice Award Winner

March 5th, 2014 – March 29th, 2014

Erik Michael Zimmerman is a fine art photographer located in Cross Junction, VA. His journey began in 1990 after graduating high school in Easton, PA. He attended Jacksonville University (JU) in Florida where he studied Visual Communications (Graphic Design) – his primary passion. One of the electives offered was Photography, something he always had an interest in. Purchasing his first SLR camera, a Canon Rebel 35mm, he learned many of the basic fundamentals; depth of field, exposure, aperture, ISO, and developing film in the darkroom. This would plant a seed that would later sprout.

After a 2-year delay in education due to financial reasons, he attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia (AIPH) in 1993 and continued studies in Graphic Design. Part of his studies involved working directly with the photography students to develop a realistic magazine advertisement. He was able to gather more photography experience from the other side of the spectrum.

After graduating from AIPH in 1995, he relocated to Alexandria, VA and landed his first graphic design position at Price Waterhouse in Arlington, VA. Some of the graphic design projects required custom photography, and with his general knowledge acquired at JU, and learning from the students at AIPH, he was able to incorporate his photography skills into his design projects. However, with his primary focus in graphic design absorbing almost all of his time and energy – photography took a seat on the back burner, simmering, waiting for the right moment to crank up the heat.

Fast forward to 1998, a couple of advertising agency jobs and some freelance work, he started his own graphic design business (White Spider Design), and purchased his first digital camera – a Sony Mavica 1 megapixel that stored it’s images on a floppy disc.

The digital age was the catalyst that ignited his passion for photography. From 1998 – 2002, the camera sufficed, but as more clients required custom photography he found that the Sony wasn’t the right tool for the high-resolution images needed for print projects. He felt restricted on the quality of images that it produced, and there was a lack of creative flexibility. This spawned his first DSLR purchase, and with having experience with the Canon Rebel 35mm, he opted for the Canon Digital Rebel XT.

The Rebel XT provided the proper tool to produce high-resolution images for his graphic design clients, and also allowed him to delve deeper into the realm of creative photography. In 2009, he upgraded to the XTi, and as of 2012 he currently shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II.

In 2010, his photography profession became official with the registration of Erik Michael Photography, and is a sidekick business to White Spider Design. His primary passion includes Landscapes, Wildlife, Objects, Domestic Animals and Architecture, but as he continues to grow and experiment, he is also enjoying photographing people in candid/natural environments. His work has been exhibited locally in Winchester, VA. He has been featured in Fuel Your Photography, The Winchester Star, and Chester Magazine, and has sold his work to local and regional buyers. He offers calendars of the beautiful Lake Holiday, Virginia where he resides, and Note Card sets of various types.

Erik Michael Photography can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and at ErikMichaelPhotography.com.



Lauren Fleming-Buchbauer

“It’s the Little Things” – Group Exhibition, Juror’s Choice Award Winner

February 5th, 2014 – March 1st, 2014

Lauren Fleming-Buchbauer is a versatile photographer based out of northern Virginia. No matter the subject, she pours her heart and soul into her work. Whether it’s telling someone else’s story or exercising her own inner demons, Lauren strives to capture the most compelling of moments, and believes that every piece that she creates – should be thought-provoking, and spark conversation.

Lauren has submitted to, and had work selected for inclusion in 1 lb. Gallery’s, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “Defining ‘Erotic'”, “Demons & Monsters”, “It’s the Little Things”, and “The Rub of the Green” Group Exhibitions. She has proven time and time again, that she is a wildly diverse and talented artist, by presenting work that is not only relevant to each call for entries, but also interesting, and flawlessly captured – Brava, Lauren!



Jen Kiaba

“Demons & Monsters” Group Exhibition – Juror’s Choice Award Winner

October 30th, 2013 – November 30th, 2013

Through my work, I haunt my own dreams and wander the hallways of my memories, looking for the way to the other side of the looking glass. As a child I waited for Peter Pan, had my eye trained for the flash of the White Rabbit in the periphery.

Fairytales each had their own set of rules and logic, which fascinated me as a child. Alice’s Wonderland exists within a world of precise, though backwards, logic and mathematics. Growing up I sought to deconstruct these oft-times dangerous “other” logics and see their inner workings. I had a thirst for their “whys,” as though they might give me an insight into the world that I was living in.

Growing up in a insular community of religious fanaticism and charismatic, dangerous self-styled messiahs I was intimately familiar with precise, though backwards, logic. My journey into adulthood saw me plunging headfirst towards confronting those dangerous, faulty forms and proofs, unravelling the colorful spectacles of my childhood until only a tired and tattered man behind the curtain remained.

My photographs are about those transitions and discoveries. They chronicle moments of fear, of awakening and oftentimes utilize characters to confront spectators, daring them to follow down the rabbit hole.

Jen Kiaba



“Arch of Light” – Ekaterina Bykhovskaya

Ekaterina Bykhovskaya

“Defining ‘Erotic'” Group Exhibition – Juror’s Choice Award Winner

October 2nd, 2013 – October 26th, 2013

Born in Moscow, Russia, Ekaterina Bykhovskaya is currently based in Strasbourg, France. She studied photography in the United Kingdom, France and the United States. Her works have been exhibited in France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia, Austria and across the United States. They also received awards at national and international contests and have been featured in a number of publications. For more information please visit: Ekaterina Bykhovskaya Photography.

Initially interested in photography as a means to document her travels, Ekaterina Bykhovskaya came to realize that apart from merely recording the outside world it could be a powerful tool for expressing views, moods and emotions. Hence, she seeks to convey in her images a personal perception by translating emotions and feelings inspired by a place, a situation or a moment. When working with human figure she searches for a particular ambiance in her photographs that would suggest a fleeting feeling or a mood.


“Summer Sunset” – Kevin Gross

Kevin Gross

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” Group Exhibition – Juror’s Choice Award Winner

September 4th, 2013 – September 28th, 2013

Born in South Dakota, Kevin J. Gross is a self-taught artist living in Goshen, Indiana. His fractal artwork is the interface between two worlds. Gross says, “One world is calculated, logical, objective. Fractals are mathematically based and created with computers. The other world is emotional, soul-stirring, subjective. What fascinated me about fractals was their beautiful, organic patterns and luxurious colors. I found them emotionally and spiritually exhilarating!”

Kevin has won numerous awards for his artwork including First Place at the Elkhart Art League’s Annual Juried Show and Competition, Best Digital Work at both the 10th and 11th Michiana Annual Art Competitions, a Judge’s Award at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s Independence in the Studio, a Purchase Award at the Heartland Artists Gallery’s 23rd Annual Juried Regional, and the Elizabeth J. Conran Memorial Award, as well as many other awards at Northern Indiana Artists Shows. Kevin’s work is included in corporate collections in northern Indiana, and private collections from Boston, Massachusetts to Denver, Colorado. His largest work so far, a commissioned, 4 ft. x 5 ft. fractal canvas wrap – sesides in a private collection in Indiana.

Kevin also lectures on fractals and art in educational, artistic and other venues. Gross states, “The structure and pattern are intrinsically part of the equations I use to create my art. I find the process of discovering them in an almost infinite numerical landscape challenging but a labore of love. I then use the transformative power of color to both make these structures and patterns visible to the human eye and to communicate the emotional experience of their creation.”

Kevin received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Goshen College where he studied computer science, art design, photography and photocommunications.


Working with fractals is a lot like landscape photography. Kevin uses software on his computer to explore mathematical two dimensional worlds. He searches for interesting pattern and structure the same way a photographer may hike through natural wonders looking for just the right shot. When he finds particularly interesting patterns or structures, he then begins to manipulate the colors in order to strengthen the image. Gross says that when looking at one of his fractal images, causes him to stop and catch his breath – then he knows that it is probably ready.


01-IMG_1987 (2)

 Kerri Lane

“Live Canvas” – Solo Exhibition

July 31st, 2013 – August 31st, 2013

KerriLane’s path towards becoming the accomplished photographer that she is today – began while attending her first high school photography class, back in 1989. She has relished being behind the lens ever since, as photography enables her to interpret what she sees in the world – in a completely different way than she might, otherwise. Ever eager to continue learning while she works diligently to perfect her craft, Kerri is currently enrolled at the ‘New York Institute of Photography’.

Kerri’s photographs have been requested by, and exhibited in several Frederick County, Va. businesses, The Bowman Library in WInchester, Va., local wineries, and Berryville, Va.’s – The Barns of Rose Hill. Her imagery was pictured in banners promoting the 2011 & 2012 National Fire Fighters recruitment campaign of Everyday Hero. Her work (including Frame-A-Name art) has been displayed, and purchased at the George Washington Hotel in Winchester, Va..

Kerri is a creative and diverse artist, her wide range of abilities spanning everything from skillfully capturing the emotions of an infant smiling for the first time, and documenting the joyful tears of a dad watching his daughter wed – to helping subjects tap into, and bring out their inner risqué side while shooting her trademark Vintage Pin-Up, and Boudoir photography sessions. Kerri finds joy in transposing elements in nature and architecture – into the letters of the alphabet, through her Frame-A-Name art – which earned attention in articles published in the Winchester Star, as well as praise, and interest from the local business community.

Her newest project, “Live Canvas” began turning heads immediately following the unveiling of her first “Live Canvas”piece. The process behind this newest of Kerri’s many photographic ventures, combines painting the nude bodies of her models, as well as the background against which she positions them – with her beloved photography…and the vividly hued, somewhat curious, unique images that she produces while photographing her human canvases – are nothing short of stunning. Additionally, Kerri’s “Live Canvas” painting, “Blue Goddess” was recently selected for publication in the July, 2013 edition of Vogue Italia Online.


Kerri Lane Photography



Osmyn J. Oree

SKIN: The Raw Art of Osmyn J. Oree – Solo Exhibition

July 5th – 27th, 2013

Osmyn J. Oree is a deeply passionate and highly driven, 24 yr. old photographer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He became interested in fine art, nude photography at the age of 17, and has been a diehard devotee to the genre, ever since. Osmyn’s work focuses primarily on conceptual portraiture and the figure. It is of the utmost importance to Osmyn as a photographer – to always represent the human body (male or female), in a tasteful, yet thought provoking way – while to also strive to meet his own high standards of excellence – in regards to the composition and quality of each photograph as a whole.

Although Osmyn oftentimes approaches photography as a means by which to express emotional responses to his own personal experiences – it was the lack of compelling nude photography in his small, conservative hometown that spurred his desire to explore the world of fine art nude portraiture himself – and in doing so, he has not only carved out his own, unique niche, but he has also filled a void in the Lancaster arts scene.

A dedicated analog photographer, Osmyn stands out in a largely digital photography era, by shooting with a medium format Hasselblad camera.